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What’s Your Purpose?

- Ankit More


Why is it so hard for some of us to reflect upon or listen to our conscience struggling out loud to be heard once? Are we not brave enough to confront reality or are we too much comfortable with the ideal environment we have created for ourselves? Or is it ignorance?

Please ask these questions to yourself and try to confront it.

I know people with great potential and talent because identifying such individuals was not a great deal. They were very genuine, pure, and that their existence reflected their purpose. It may not be the case with everyone but, the question remains the same, are they doing what they were meant to do? This could be very hard to address, as our choices make a difference in the life we intend to lead. Determining our path depends on various influential factors such as our culture, family, society, etc. We might get into life roles that are chosen due to years of conditioning or due to external expectations rather than what we really are and what we really love to do.

I believe and it is evident that people who are genuine with their thoughts, who know who they are; make life decisions that give them satisfaction and are more successful. Leading a life with a purpose usually implies, following, and utilizing your natural talents, interests, and being who you really are. Yes, I don’t deny the fact of one’s survival, which forces into a role without their will to make a living and support their family. Not all have the privilege to start what they aspire to achieve with lesser struggles.

For this, I would like to say that the start line of every human being may not be in same position, but I assure you the finish line does.

Make the best decisions and try to find yourself. We always have that choice to find the reason or purpose of our life, as it’s always hidden or suppressed within us waiting to be unveiled into existence. Maybe you need to take this chance of confronting yourself once, reflect and introspect the past and the present to build your successful future.

Wish you all the best for your amazing journey ahead!

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