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Creative Revolution

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

By Ankit More

Where does our country stand today in this aspect?

Let’s begin with understanding the concept of ‘revolution’. The word was adopted from the French language "Revolucion" in the 13th century, which represents the revolving motion of celestial bodies. The term was later used to represent the changes occurring in society, the French revolution, the white revolution, industrial revolution to mentioned a few.

In the history of our planet, the industrial revolution marked a significant value to human existence and was also one of the reasons for mass destruction and pollution. India being the world’s 2nd most populous country has been focusing most of its energy on the manufacturing and IT sector, providing its services globally to various other nations. Well, let me bring your attention to our education systems’ relation to this. I feel, our educational approach is still very much focused on the traditional way of teaching students, with which they can emerge as good employees or skilled labor, which again can be put under the doubtful radar as there are too many students who lack the understanding of basic mathematics, science and even the languages they speak! what do you think is the problem here?

On the other hand, western countries their footsteps at the door of a new revolution which talks about creativity. During the 1960s the Golden Age of Advertising when there was a sense of radical change in the promotion and creation of advertising. This boom indeed was the approach towards true innovation. In fact, it was more of a natural progression and marked the west’s entry into the world of globalization.

The Creative revolution today, with its new approach has the agenda to connect with the consumer on a different level. This involves, constant monitoring of the ambitions and desires of the consumer, as It’s not only about the basic needs anymore. Its sole foundation is based upon, how creatively you come with a product or an innovative idea. Content that is well designed with creatively packed advertising will fetch you the attention and capital you deserve. Do we have this environment in our society today? Do our young brilliant minds and their ideas get the attention they deserve? If yes, then why most of them look for universities or job opportunities outside of India? This is a new topic altogether to discuss.

There is a small section of people in India who have been adopting the creative revolution, mostly for the companies they have been working for. At least they are getting this opportunity to learn and implement it. Consumers have evolved and look for more in a product than just a need. I believe that creativity is the new breed in the society which must be addressed, supported, and actively infused in our education system right from the beginning for the brighter future of our students. Necessary steps towards this may give us the new edge and will spark curiosity among students to adopt new ways of approaching a problem that would be more innovative and creative in nature and not always traditional.

The world needs creators rather than just workers. There is a humongous amount of potential in our generation which I feel shouldn’t be suppressed under the carpet of parental expectations and antique educational system. On the positive, I have had the honor to know a few schools that are genuinely trying to adapt such unique techniques to encourage and trigger students’ creativity and innovative instincts.

As the creative revolution is on its full swing on the global stage, our students shouldn’t be left behind in this world of opportunities. Let’s pledge to ourselves today, that we will try to introspect our hidden talents and purpose, and bring them to their rightful existence. We must also support the people aiming and working to create an environment for others to reach their maximum creative potential.

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