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What is a Career assessment?

Career assessment is the detailed and scientific procedure of understanding your interest, your aptitude, and your personality which will give insight and help in appropriate career decision making.


Why is career guidance important?

Career guidance assists you to choose the correct career option that is more suitable to your interest and aptitude, leading to optimal occupational pathways. Instead of utilizing your precious time and energy in the wrong area, it will guide you to explore the correct opportunities.


Why should I take career guidance at Illumination?

Illumination is an emotion-driven organization, who wishes to make reform in the mental health sector’s services. We believe in our client’s services to be our utmost priority and duty. Hence, Trust, genuineness, and the truth is what we choose to provide with our services.

Our Experts shares the same perspective and have pledged to achieve it, by adhering to the ethical standards and scientific tools we will help you get clarity in your life.


How to book an appointment for a career guidance test?

The appointment can be booked by filling up the form given on the website or simply a phone call (we reply to a WhatsApp message as well).  


What age group is the test suitable for?

The test is suitable for 12 years and above.


What are the procedures undertaken in the process of career guidance?

The process of career guidance can be explained in the following steps:

  • The appointment is booked through the website or using the phone number

  • On the day of the appointment, the case history will be taken and the appropriate test will be administered to the client

  • The client will be given an appointment after 1- 2 days for report explanation and career counseling.


Is the test reliable or valid?

The tests used for career guidance are highly reliable and valid with extensive research done on them.


What are the main features of this test?

  • The test is more situational and activity-based.

  • The tests are highly reliable and valid

  • Easy to understand

  • Available in English and Marathi language (ICP)


How long does it take to complete the test?

ICP: It will not take more than 15 -20 minutes, it has no time limit but complete as soon as possible.

Aptitude: Approximately 1hour 10 mins.

How many sessions are required for career guidance?

Generally, it takes 3 to 4 sessions which includes pre-counseling where a little bit of introduction and information from students/children and parents will be taken followed by the psychometric testing and then the post counseling where one to one counseling session with students and parents will be held. If required we will increase the number of sessions.


Do I need to prepare for the test?

No, this test does not require any preparation as it is based on the situations in which you can relate to your personal experiences or choices.


In what languages are the test available?

The test is available in English and Marathi (ICP).

Aptitude in English only.


Does the career guidance also provide college admission and job recruitment assistance?

We intend to include this facility, the process would take some time to be added to our services.


Are your counselors professionally equipped?

Yes, we are highly motivated and professionally trained counselors/psychologists. Qualified with Post Graduate Degree in psychology and have experience in respective fields.


Is the virtual career counseling process any different from the offline counseling process?

There is no difference between online and offline counseling process, you can avail services at your convenience, whichever path (offline /online) you choose, it is guaranteed that your experience will always be the best, genuine, and scientifically evaluated.

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