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Photography has become a medium of self-expression and people are getting more inclined to convert this hobby into a profession. Few are born with the talent of visualizing reality whereas few learn to visualize. There are unlimited opportunities and specialization if photography is pursued as a career. There are many fields in photography from wildlife to war that give you a lot of flexibility. As time has changed, apart from self-learned photographers, many institutes have come up to train people, offer knowledge, and polish skills in Photography.

Work Roles

  • Photographers capture precious and crucial moments for professional purposes

  • According to the occasions and requirements uses different cameras and related equipments

  • Creates concept and story from skilled photography

  • Build portfolios or profiles for actors and models

  • Covers the events like weddings and parties as professional photographer

  • Plays important in legal cases by capturing the pictures of crime scenes, areas of accidents and investigation.

  • Works in the studios to develop photographs of different types.



  • It is a flexible and creative field that enables you to convert your imagination into a masterpiece.

  • One can also work as a freelancer in this field.

Career Opportunities

  • Websites

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Scientific photographers

  • Commercial Photographers

  • Nature, Wildlife and War Photographer

  • Film Photographers

  • Video Photographers

  • Newspaper

  • Media and Press

  • Magazines

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Government Agencies

  • Industrial Houses

  • Fashion Houses

  • Stock Photography Companies


  • Specific degree or qualification is not required for a successful career in photography.

  • To pursue skills in photography, all you need is a strong sense of aesthetics and creativity



  • Lots of fierce competition.

  •  It is difficult to bring the best in a simple phenomenon.

  • Requires a lot of patience just to get that one perfect shot.

Career Paths

Class XII with Any Stream

B.Sc. in Photography

M.Sc. in Photography

 Class XII with any stream

Diploma/ Certification

Any Stream

Graduation in any discipline

Diploma in Photography

Film Making

Film Making


A filmmaker is the one whose work starts from conceptualization of the idea to scriptwriting, casting, editing, screening, etc. They are the visionary of a film and are considered usually the backbone of the film too. Though they can also be called Directors but not all Directors are filmmakers.

Work Roles

  • Direct and govern the complete making of the film or documentary and the way it is to be presented to the viewers.

  • Opt-out the actors and cast for the film. 

  • Provide guidance to the actors and casts of the film to work a particular way in order to fulfill the task.

  • Keep track of the work related to technicians for lighting, backdrop, sets, camera, and special effects.

  • Coordinate with editors for the appropriate sequencing of scenes.

  • Monitor the progress and the number of expenses and make sure it does not rise above the decided budget.

  • Plan and design a proper schedule and follow it.



  • The work is interesting as it is not monotonous and there is something to learn each day.

  • You learn how to have a finger in each pie.

  • Your dream of name, fame, and growth can come true in this career.

Career Opportunities

  • Film Production Companies

  • Advertisement Agencies

  • Television Channels

  • Freelancing

  • Teaching


  • The eligibility criteria for candidate is to score 50% aggregate marks in class XII

  • Age restriction in some Colleges /Universities.



  • A lot of struggle is involved for an uncertain period of time.

  • Personal life may be affected due to the time-consuming process of movie-making.

  • Competition is intense in this career.

Career Paths

Class XII with Any Stream

B.Sc. / BA in Filmmaking

PG Programme in Film Making 

Class XII with Any Stream

Graduation in any Discipline

PG Programme in Film Making

Class XII with Any Stream

 Diploma Courses

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