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Team Meeting

About Us

Illumination is a Pune based developing mental health institute focused on providing holistic mental health assistance to people in search of their purpose and peace. We at illumination, are highly motivated mental health professionals with a good amount of experience. We believe in delivering genuine, well researched psychometric assessments to bring clarity to individual careers and organizations to hire and build teams to achieve their business goals. We intend to establish the most healthy and safe environment to provide our services, which are backed with research and effective analysis procedures.


We believe and determined to be the pioneer in the field of mental health, education, and industrial/ organizational psychology.


We intend to promote a genuinely scientific approach in our practice, improve and adapt consistently in the field of psychology, and wish to illuminate every individual’s and institute’s path in their journey.

We aim to create a balance in each individual’s life, with clearer motives. We aim to deliver and promote the same in society.

Our Aims

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Meet The Team

We are highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals from various fields who share the same intentions of achieving balance in the best way possible in the society, helping people to be mindful and encourage them to do the best they can.


Ankit More


Holds a master's degree in clinical and industrial psychology. He is the founder of "Oasis" an NGO working towards mental health and education ( He is a psychology test assessment expert and test creator at SORT Professional Development Courses. He has been exploring the field for 5 years and has expertise in psychometric testing, counseling, management, test building, art-based therapy, and life coaching. He is very active in social initiatives such as cleaning drives and underprivileged welfare activities. He is passionate about UX/UI designing, creating possibilities, sketching, playing guitar, and outdoor activities. 

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